About us

          We started this institute in 1985, when physiotherapy was a new concept to everyone. But with your faith and trust in our services, we were able to expand it from a small center to a big ( 2000 square feet) set up. We are dedicated to provide world class professional therapy services .

At Omsparsh, we try to accurately understand your condition and the reason for your Pain, Relieve your symptoms and Restore function. Also, we try to educate and provide an exercise program to improve your Quality of life and prevent the re-occurence of your symptoms.

The center has especially designed as well as traditional machines and equipments to:

  • Relieve pain from foot to neck.
  • Provide quick recovery in post operative rehabilitation.
  • Faster results in paralysis.
  • Managing physical disabling problems for ages 40 and above.
  • For rehabilitation in children.

professionals at Om Sparsh

Mr. Mohan Jethani

  • Fitness, Diet and Nutritional counsellor
  • M.Sc. (Diet & Nutrition)
  • D.Ac. (app. By U.S.A. Licensing authority)
  • Pilates Instructor (London)

Dr. Rachana Jethani

  • Physiotherapist
  • B.Sc. (P.T.) ( K.E.M.H. Mumbai)
  • MCP (Spastics Society of India, Colaba)
  • M.S. ( Psychotherapy & counselling)
  • Fellowship in cardiac and Neurological Rehabilitation

Dr. Pooja Jethani

  • Occupational Therapist
  • B.O.Th. (K.E.M.H Mumbai)
  • M.O.Th Neurology ( K.E.M.H Mumbai)